S. N. Ambardekar
Chief Mentor

Starting the career with the great company then Telco, as a graduate engineer and working at different levels and finally to the level of SENIOR VP, Manufacturing Operations for Commercial vehicle plants of now Tata Motors has been a dream journey imbibing Engineering & Management knowledge, while working with great leaders whom the world has acknowledged as the best and amongst the best and learning with them the finer points of modern business has added tremendous value and experience into the profile of Mr. S N Ambardekar the Chief Mentor of Zensman Consultants.

It was a great learning for him to assimilate the skills of Automobile Business with the company who always has eye on the future, innovation, focus on balanced wellness of stakeholders, is breathing in & out the passion for Engineering and delighting customer thus building loyalty, working with the huge sense of social responsibility, cause of environment and all this with undivided attention on ethical values. It was dream drive through the best and sometimes even worst of times, both of which have left a tremendous learning imprint of what to do and what not to do? The motivation of employees, teamwork, empowerment, engagement was constantly demonstrated and experienced. The lessons learnt have given exposure to likely pitfalls identification, the sense & process of blind spot identification in the art & science of Automobile business world.

Zensman Consultants have a spirited zest to continue to put to use the treasure of this knowledge & learning to the business people who dream to have exponential growth, who want to build on their core competence and work towards a mission, wish to join hands with business across the borders and progress towards brighter tomorrow.
  • Vision Definition and Validation
  • Assessment of Human Resources
  • Rationalise Systems and Processes
  • New Product Development and Introduction
  • Development of Tooling
  • Managing Safety
  • Identify Cross Border business opportunities
  • Eco friendly Geothermal and Recycling solutions
  • Lean to Win
  • Legal Process Outsourcing